Xfinity Router Blinking Orange: How To Fix It?

The Xfinity router blinking orange light means that there is an update going on. But at times this flickering on the light can go on and on. The blinking of the orange light can be resolved by waiting for the updates to install, resetting the router, and rebooting it, and can even be checked by verifying the proper connection of the cables. Connecting to customer service can also help.

What Does It Mean? Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Light

Before you jump in to fix your router’s orange flickering light on your Xfinity router, First you need to understand what it indicates. Generally, a blinking orange light on your router is indicative of an in-process update. You might have noticed that sometimes the orange light can get stuck and thus continually blink and end up ruining your internet connectivity.

This can happen because of a host of reasons, Including:

  • The problem might be with the software or firmware

  • Your device might be facing issues connecting to the internet

  • Difficulty faced by the device while communicating with other devices on the network

Facing these issues? You don’t have to worry! You can try some of these things to try and fix the problem.

Fixing the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Light Issue

Here we have listed all the methods which you can employ to try and fix the blinking of the orange light on your Comcast Xfinity router.

#1 Wait Until The Updates Are Fully Installed:

  • If your router is in the middle of a crucial update then it is okay for it to blink the orange light. After the completion of the update, you can expect the blinking of the light to turn white or blue all by itself. The time that is taken by the router to finish the update relies heavily on the size of the update.

  • So if you see the blinking orange light on your router, the first thing you should do is wait. See if the light turns white or blue. If the light doesn’t go away then you should move to the next method.

#2 Confirm If Your Area Has An ISP Outage:

  • If the Xfinity router blinking orange light doesn’t stop and is stuck at that only. Then it is highly likely that the underlying reason for that being is an outage in your area.

  • The chances are even higher if the router has been blinking for a prolonged period of time.

  • If you have checked for an outage and there is no outage in your area then you can safely move to reboot your router.

#3 Reboot Your Router Or Modem:

  • The next thing that you should do to stop the constant flickering of the orange light is to reboot the router.

  • Most of the time, rebooting fixes the problem and can restore the internet connection without much hassle.

  • To reboot the router or the modem, you need to simply unplug the device from the power outlet and then plug it back in.

  • Once, your device is fully booted up, check to see if the light is still blinking.

  • If the device still shows the orange light then you should move on to reset the device.

#5 Check The Connections And Cables:

  • If the orange light’s flicker is still on then there are chances that the reason is a bad connection or a loose cable.

  • You need to ensure that all the required cables are inserted in the right slots securely.

  • As the next step, you can check if the cables are firmly inserted in their respective ports, tighten them or re-plug them.

  • In case, you are trying to connect using a wireless connection, make sure that the device is in the proximity of the router or modem, or else the connection becomes difficult.

  • Once done with checking all the connections and cables, try establishing a connection using an Ethernet cable, if the issue is still not resolved.

#6 Try With An Ethernet Connection:

  • Try connecting your computer and the other devices with an Ethernet cable.

  • This will easily bypass any issues owing to the wireless connection.

  • Check if the orange light has gone or not.

  • If not, then there might be a problem with the router or modem itself.


If you have followed all the above-given steps to get rid of the blinking orange light on your device and still aren’t successful then you need to contact us! We will help you further troubleshoot the problem so that your internet gets back on track. Hope this helped fix your  Xfinity router’s blinking orange light.

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