How to setup Linksys re6300

The Linksys RE6300 extender is a powerful tool to increase and extend the range of your Wi-Fi. This extender’s cutting-edge technology strengthens your Wi-Fi signal, removing dead spots and ensuring constant connectivity across your house or office. Thus, with its simple setup and user-friendly interface, expanding your network is a breeze. Its dual-band capability guarantees dependable performance for all of your devices. If you have a new Linksys re6300, then it’s time to start with the Linksys extender setup re6300.

The blog aims to describe the Linksys re6300 manual, the Linksys re6300 setup, and how this setup can be performed using different methods. So, without any ado, let’s start with this setup process.

Linksys Re6300 Login Login

Linksys Extender Setup RE6300

The Linksys extender setup re6300 is easy and seamless; it will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and gaming. But, before enjoying this uninterrupted, you need to first do the Linksys re6300 setup. Below are the methods to learn how to perform it:

  • First, start with power on your re6300 extender.

  • Now, take any wifi enabled device and connect it to the available wifi network.

  • It will ask for the password to connect to the network.

  • Now, you can access the internet browser of your choice.

  • Then, in the browser, type http// re6300 in the address bar and hit the enter key.

  • This will take you to the login page of the Linksys re6300 setup.

  • Here, you need to fill in the default login details like ID and Passphrase (Password).

  • Once you enter the ID and password, press the Enter button.

  • At last, follow the on-screen instructions to do the Linksys re6300 setup.

Extender Linksys com RE6300 Setup Methods

You can perform the Linksys re6300 setup using different methods, some of which are given below:

1. Linksys re6300 setup using Web Browser: To use this method, you first need to unbox your extender and then place the extender in the central location. After that, follow the below steps to do the Linksys re6300 setup:

extender linksys com re6300
  • Firstly, power on your Re6300 extender.

  • Now, connect the range extender to the available Wi-Fi network.

  • Next, you need to open the web browser and type in

  • Now, you need to create your Linksys account that will help you to manage your Linksys devices.

  • Click on ‘Start Setup’ to begin the configuration process.

  • Now, select the wifi network on the next screen. Select your existing wifi network from the list and click Next to continue.

  • Next, you need to enter the wifi password in the available field and again click on next.

  • In this step, you need to customize the network name (SSID) and password for the extender network.

  • You can enter the default or change it accordingly; once you change it, click on Next.

  • Now, you will be able to see the summary of the settings; if you are satisfied with these settings, click on Next.

  • Lastly, your extender will show up the green solid light, and your setup process will be completed.

2. Linksys re6300 setup using WPS: To establish a secure connection with WPS, you need to place both the router and extender in the same room. After that, follow the below steps to do the Linksys re6300 setup:

  • The first step for this setup is to locate the WPS button both on the router and on the extender.

  • It is labeled as WPS or having two arrows forming a circle.

  • Next, press and hold the WPS button on the router for three to five seconds until the WPS LED starts blinking.

  • Again, locate the WPS button on the Linksys re6300 range extender setup. Hold it for three to five seconds until the WPS LED starts blinking.

  • Once WPS is activated on both devices, they will automatically connect and establish a secure connection.

  • When both the WPS lights get stable, it means the WPS connection is established.

  • Now, you will be able to see the extended network available with the same name but with the _EXT suffix.

  • Connect your devices to the extended network using your existing Wi-Fi password.

Linksys RE6300 Setup

How to do Linksys Re6300 Manual

In order to configure your AC750 range extender, use the manual method to connect your Linksys RE6300 setup. The below steps will help you set up a secure connection:

linksys ac750 setup, extender linksys com re6300
  • First, power on your Linksys AC750 RE6300 dual-band WiFi range extender by plugging it into a wall outlet.

  • Use an Ethernet cable to link your Linksys extender to your wireless router at home.

  • Next, turn on your computer or laptop and join a trustworthy WiFi network.

  • Select a web browser and launch it.

  • In the address bar, type

  • Then, press the Enter button.

  • The Linksys RE6300 login screen will then show up.

  • You must type in the standard username and password in this field.

  • Click on the Login button after entering your login information.

  • A succession of Linksys AC750 extender setup instructions are shown on the following screen.


Linksys has already taken over the wide market in retail networking. It is trusted by many users, and if you also have a Linksys re6300, you need to understand its setup process. The blog has given you the information on how to do Linksys re6300 setup. With this setup, you can easily enjoy your networking effortlessly. Therefore, if you face any issues while setting up your Linksys re63000 setup, you can get assistance from our experts instantly. You can call, email, or chat with us in order to get more information and assistance.


1. What is the Linksys extender's username and password?

Linksys extender may come with “admin” as the default value for both the login and password fields. It’s important to keep in mind that using default credentials can put your security at risk. Therefore, it’s best to modify them for greater defense.

2. What is the Linksys extender's IP address?

Depending on your Linksys extender’s model and network setup, its IP address may change. Typically, you may discover this information in the user guide, on the product packaging, or by going into your router’s web interface and looking through the list of connected devices.

3. I can't remember my extender password.

Check the product label on the extender itself or consult the user manual that came with your extension to get the password for your device. The setup manual or packing may also contain the password.

4. How can I modify the password for my WiFi extender?

Use a browser to visit the web-based interface of your WiFi extender using its IP address to update the password. You can find the wireless or security settings by logging in with your username and password, going to the settings section, and searching there. There, you can change the password to the one you like.

5. What are the credentials for setting up a Linksys extender?

“Admin” is usually the default value for both the username and password fields when setting up a Linksys extender. To improve security, it is advised to alter these defaults during the initial setup procedure.

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